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Most Common Teen Co-Occurring Disorders - The Arrow House

Most Common Teen Co-occurring Disorders

By Arrow House | September 14, 2022

Both mental health and substance use disorders affect not only the teen but also their friends and family. Sometimes it can be hard to distinguish between what is typical teen behavior and something more serious. You don’t know if their mood and behavior changes are due to substance misuse, lack of sleep, or hormones. You…

6 Tips For Stress and Mental Health Issues - The Arrow House

6 Tips for Teens With Stress and Mental Health Issues

By The Arrow House | August 4, 2022

Stress and mental health issues are prominent among teenagers in America today. According to the American Psychological Association, stress significantly impacts teens’ mental health. While most teens are resilient, they are still human and have limits on how much pressure they can handle. Read this short list of teen stressors and add any others that aren’t on…