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The Arrow House, an adolescent project, is a program rooted in community and connection. We serve individuals ages 13-17, and families who are seeking a new method of joining together and facing both individual and systemic challenges related to co-occurring disorders. Our families desire change, shift, and repair. Our mission is to revitalize our youth and show them recovery in all forms is not only rewarding but meaningful. Our clients and their families shift course with a new direction and new foundation.


Our treatment process at the Arrow House combines one-on-one therapy with group and family therapy sessions to help clients and their loved ones prepare for long-term recovery.


Based on cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy was developed as a specialized therapeutic method for certain personality disorders, before becoming a well-researched modality for other conditions as well.


Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing involves a specialized therapeutic technique to explore and overcome distressing life experiences, and the long-term impact they may have left on a teen.


The gold standard for modern talk therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy helps clients recognize and affect their thinking to change their behavior, through mindfulness and thought exercises.



“The Visions Leadership team has created, yet another, quality program in the Arrow House. I've had a strong working relationship with the founders for over ten years and their commitment to families and their loved ones is evident in not only the standard of care but their reputation as the gold standard of adolescent treatment. Developing an accessible treatment experience with an emphasis on clinical sophistication is just one of the ways this team responds to the needs of our communities.”

Dr. Ellie Mizani

Psychiatrist & Co-Founder - Mental Health Center

“I have been working with Dr. Fiona Ray and her team for ten plus years. Her attention to the individual patients and their families is unprecedented. The clinicians and staff I have worked with are diverse, highly educated, relational and compassionate. What sets them apart is their ability to focus on both mental health and substance use disorders not just simultaneously, but their level of sophistication on the mental health side is exceptional. The communication with other practitioners as well as family members is top notch. They are always accessible for the important situations that may arise in real time. I am thrilled to continue working with their hand picked team at the Arrow House.”

Dr. Elisa Hallerman, JD, PhD

"It had been the hardest 1 ½ years of my life. My daughter overdosed and I knew we needed more help. Arrow House was that help. I called and shared our story. Courtney listened patiently asking questions and guiding me on the next steps. The facility was beautiful and very home-like. But more importantly, the staff there had expertise and were there because they cared about our kids. I loved the schedule, the activities that supported my daughter's physical and mental health, and the intense therapy. Arrow House was a safe and healthy place for my daughter to heal and to explore herself, face difficult feelings, and to then start loving herself. They changed our lives...not just my daughter's life, but our family. I am forever grateful."

Grateful Parent

"The Arrow House was the perfect match for my daughter’s needs. From the moment we reached out to get more information, we were greeted by caring and conscientious individuals who patiently answered my questions and explained their treatment process in detail. 

When the moment came for my daughter to be admitted, we felt confident going in, knowing the plan, with few surprises. The facility is set in a very humble home-like environment, with all the simple amenities one needs to feel comfortable. The staff is accommodating, but they enforce the rules that have been thoughtfully created to achieve the best results for their patients.

After six weeks of treatment, my daughter returned home with fresh perspective, and the tools necessary to thrive. We are so happy that we chose The Arrow House for treatment and, due to their amazing guidance, we hope to never return. Thank you to everyone, for your love and support."

Grateful Father

The Arrow House was an answer to prayer. I had searched for months to find a good residential treatment facility for my 17 year old son, that could take care of his needs, took my insurance and would actually help. There was nothing in my home state and surrounding states that checked all the boxes. I had sent him to a "reputable" residential facility when he was 13, that was a nightmare and only added to his trauma. One of the facilities I contacted in April said they only took adults but they would find a facility that would take my son and get back with me.  In my mind I thought "another dead end!".  But when I got a call from Emily at the Arrow House and we talked for a few hours, I knew I had the right place.  She eased all my fears and answered all my questions.  In June when my son ended up in the hospital after being mentally unstable for months and drinking uncontrollably, I knew it was time for him to go. They got him on the correct medications, trauma therapy I'd desperately tried to find for years, and got him sober.  He felt safe and became very close with all the staff and other kids in the program. For him, that really says something. After 3 months in the program, he is home, attending AA meetings, mentally stable and looking forward to getting his life back on track. The staff really treated us all like family, and I can't recommend them enough.

Grateful Mother


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The Arrow House is a residential treatment center in the heart of Orange County, California, near Angel Stadium and Old Towne Orange district. Our residential treatment facility is built with a capacity for 20 clients, all genders, and we specialize in treating adolescent substance use and co-occurring disorders.

The Arrow House Yard