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Screenshot 2024 05 13 100240 How Does School Affect Your Teenager's Mental Health?

How Does School Affect Your Teenager’s Mental Health?

By Arrow House | May 13, 2024

How Does School Affect Your Teenager’s Mental Health? School for teenagers is often very similar to jobs for adults. While every workplace is different, so is every school system. The environment of each school system may differ. However, the general themes often remain the same. Schools include diverse populations of teens, each at different stages…

pexels cottonbro studio 6471002 What To Do When Your Teen Won't Stop Criticizing You

What To Do When Your Teen Won’t Stop Criticizing You

By Arrow House | April 19, 2024

When I put myself in the shoes of parents, I struggle to grasp what it must be like to witness a child’s birth, nurture that child’s development, change their diapers, nurse them, take them to school & sports …. only to have them grow up and say things like: “If you had only ______, things…

group of teens on beach enjoying teen drug counseling in California

10 Benefits of Teen Drug Counseling in California

By The Arrow House | April 15, 2024

Teen drug counseling in California offers several benefits, including personalized support, coping strategies for stress and peer pressure, and improved family relationships. It fosters healthier decision-making and accountability in a supportive environment, crucial for long-term recovery and well-being. This holistic approach addresses both the psychological and social aspects of substance use among adolescents. Do you…

Screenshot 2024 04 15 135704 Reasons a Student May Be Struggling in School That Aren't 'My Teacher Doesn't Like Me'

Reasons a Student May Be Struggling in School That Aren’t ‘My Teacher Doesn’t Like Me’

By Arrow House | April 12, 2024

In my previous role as a tutor, I worked with a lot of students who were struggling in school. One of the most common explanations for a student’s academic challenges I heard from both students and parents was that their teacher ‘didn’t like’ them or ‘had it out for’ them.  Now, in some cases, this…

father after learning about common signs your teen is vaping

10 Signs Your Teen is Vaping

By The Arrow House | March 9, 2024

There are several signs your teen is vaping. Parents can look for signs like unusual odors, secretive behavior, vaping devices, changes in health or mood, increased use of air fresheners or perfumes, and unexplained expenses. Recognizing these cues can prompt conversations about vaping, its risks, and healthier lifestyle choices. Early detection is key to addressing…

happy parent with happy teen girl after asking how to help my teen with depression

How to Help My Teen with Depression

By The Arrow House | February 15, 2024

To help your teen with depression, it’s vital to establish a supportive and understanding environment. Encouraging open conversations, showing empathy, and guiding them towards professional help can make a significant difference. Ensuring they know you’re there for them, ready to listen and support them, is crucial. Teen depression treatment can provide the support and structure…