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5 Symptoms of Anxiety in Teen Girls

HelpingaTeenageGirlwithAnxiety28036 5 Symptoms of Anxiety in Teen Girls

Undoubtedly, teen girls have a lot on their plate. They’re figuring out who they are while also navigating academic demands, complicated social situations, and self-image issues. For a teen without anxiety, these are challenging to navigate. For a teen with anxiety, they may feel impossible. Teen girls who experience anxiety often struggle to identify and…


How Does School Affect Your Teenager’s Mental Health?

Screenshot 2024 05 13 100240 How Does School Affect Your Teenager's Mental Health?

How Does School Affect Your Teenager’s Mental Health? School for teenagers is often very similar to jobs for adults. While every workplace is different, so is every school system. The environment of each school system may differ. However, the general themes often remain the same. Schools include diverse populations of teens, each at different stages…


10 Benefits of Teen Drug Counseling in California

group of teens on beach enjoying teen drug counseling in California

Teen drug counseling in California offers several benefits, including personalized support, coping strategies for stress and peer pressure, and improved family relationships. It fosters healthier decision-making and accountability in a supportive environment, crucial for long-term recovery and well-being. This holistic approach addresses both the psychological and social aspects of substance use among adolescents. Do you…